Hi Jeff, welcome to Wellington!

I’m so glad the Raber family are setting up shop in Wellington, my home town. Please let me know if I can help you guys with any creative work! I do work for other car dealerships in Wichita, but I don’t have dealership clients in Winfield or Wellington. My family and I live here in Wellington, and I’ve known (and been a client of) the Koehn’s for years. Hope to meet you soon! -Samson

Samson Ledesma 620.326.1272 samson.ledesma@gmail.com


Here are some examples of video production I’ve done for other car dealerships over the years- I filmed and edited everything you see in these videos:

Other Video Production:

Please check out some of my other filming and editing work completed for business big and small.

Motion Graphics and Animation:

A sampling of some motion graphics and animation work for various clients.